May 17, 2011


har nu under hela maj fotograferat nästan endast analogt.. både med storformat och kinoformat.. resultat kommer väll opp i sinom tid kan jag tänk mi.

i've been for almost whole may taking analogue pictures.. both 9x12cm and 35mm.. i might post the results soon i think.

p.s. uujeee finland är världsbäst i hockey. jeey finland is the world champions i hockey.


Lina said...

so adorable ♥

Soledad said...

U're beautiful :) I want to have one camera like urs :(

Iisâ Linnéa said...

Bonjour Fia!
Hei mulle tuli mieleen että oletko menossa kesällä myymään vaatteita/tavaraa hietsuun tai valtteriin? Olis kiva tulla käymään, sulla on niin kivat vaatteet! ü
- iisâ linnéa

Bittersweet . said...

Oh my God! The picture was amazing, and you're so beautiful.
And your video was the most spontaneous thing, and fluffy in the world.
I loved,l-o-v-e-d.

Li said...

This is so beautiful, and I would very much like to see your analogue pictures, since I like all of your photos a lot!

And oh, your red hall tree, I think I'm in love with it! Any chance to find it anywhere? :)

- Le.

klauduszka said...

inspiring blog : )

I ▲M DEER said...

Wow, you are really really beautiful, girl. Just stumbled over your blog and it's a very inspiring one, nice colours, great photography. Keep it on.

Austin. said...

Cool fucking hair!