Mar 3, 2014

end of an era

byron bay, december 2011 byron bay, NSW december 2011

i've been going through this is my head so many times for the last 6 months. i've come to the conclusion that there's no use trying to keep this floating. the fire i felt is almost completely gone.

spring is here and my all my spare time will be occupied by the artist in residence project, applications, workshops, lectures, travelling and so on. 

i need a big break from this blog, perhaps i'll shut it down compeletely. i really mean it this time. 

or perhaps i'll return in a distant future, who knows.

anyways, this is the part where i'm saying so long to all you wonderful people. i'll still keep my other blog and my portfolio going, you can contact me through them if you feel like you need to.

take care!

Feb 11, 2014

five oaks, july 2012

four oaks, july 2012

oak, july 2012

remember my last exhibition (klick!) ? these two photographs were a part of that exhibition, among heaps of other photos. 

Feb 8, 2014

turning 22 and two photographs from last year

sunset, august 2013 august 2013 
 november 2013
november 2013

tomorrow i'm turning 22, the big two and two. when i was a child i always imagined that the years with similar numbers where supposed to me magic in some ways. 11, 22, 33 and so on..

there's so much fun stuff going on right now, it's almost too good to be true. 

i'm a part of an artist-in-residence project. i'll be going to an artcollective in sweden in early april for five days to produce photographs. read more about it here (klick!). the project also have a facebook page, like it here (klick!)

another wonderful thing. i'll be lecture about my photography in turku next month. 

life's as bliss as it ever could be.

this blog seems very distant. lately, i've had the feeling that it's a part of another world, another universe perhaps, the blog. 

Jan 26, 2014

reflection, october 2013

roots, october 2013 
i've applied for the university of gothenburg, hope i'll get accepted..

Jan 22, 2014

a forgotten portrait from september last year.

september 2013  
the sun has returned an i feel very much alive. my darkroom is slowly but surely coming together, i have the most amazing man ever. the trees' branches are all full of frost, it's so beautiful when the sun shines upon them.

 is everything well with you?